Into 2015 with our ‘Links’ section

Hi, well we haven’t added a post like this before.

We are a long way behind on articles for Admire the Web. We have many lined up but just need to put them together. Especially our round up of 2014 ! Anyway, a quick post about our new section we managed to squeeze in.

So without further a do we’d like to introduce the new links section on our website for all your web design reading needs. After all, this is how we keep up to date with our fast paced industry.

We found that we were signed up to a lot of different newsletters, all posting/linking to great web articles, as well as this we were favouriting countless amounts of tweets on Twitter, ready for reading later. So we wanted to give back to the community and showcase our favourite web related articles that we have found useful, without having to dig through your inbox or scroll down to last years favourites.

All links will be credited to their original owners and if we want to say our 2p then click on the link and there will be a mini write up where you can add your 2p too. Once we have enough links we will turn on the category feature to keep them all organised.

So, if you have some great reading material that everyone should see, send it through to and we will add it to our website.

We’ll get back to adding the links then, hey, and you can keep browsing our curated web design inspiration from around the web.